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How to add Captcha to Webform contact forms

How to add Captcha to Webform contact forms

To add CAPTCHA to forms using the Webform module, for example contact forms: Install and enable the Captcha module Go to settings of the CAPTCHA module /admin/config/people/captcha To ensure, CAPTCHA is used in every possible and available way, Enable: Default challenge on non-listed forms. Enable CAPTCHA for every form not listed here Save In.

Drupal 7 Webform pop-up window error: “Access denied you are not authorized to access this page” despite correct permissions and roles

On Drupal 7, a clickable link to popup a Webform window is impelemented; link for example is –…. clicking on link, pop-up works but webform is missing with an error “You are not authorized to access this page”. Double checked all permissions and roles and everything is correct. Checked.

Webform Primer for Drupal 7

How to disable/hide webform display in content type nodes for example in basic page node or article node? Not sure if possible, consider Rabbit Hole module, or avoid using webform automatically for the content type. Create webform manually instead, then contro visibility as a block instead. How to insert webform as.