How to connect by SSH using Putty and Pageant in Windows

How to connect by SSH private key files using Putty and Pageant in Windows

Below example is an easy reference on how to connect via secure shell access with a Siteground account, to date February 2021 (to note the SG client platform has undergone changes and migrations from a cPanel platform to a custom one).

Drupal Groups Module How to create, display a list of related group content nodes in Views

Drupal Groups Module How to create, display a list of related group content nodes in Views

In Drupal 8, we have implemented a membership-type website that will control and display views or lists of contents according to a member's membership group. The Drupal Group module seems to be the most ideal solution

Normally, in this scenario, one will set up the group module, content types, permissions, etc. like described below:

Hide / Disable administration menu items from the admin toolbar in Drupal according to roles / user group permissions

Drupal administration menu toolbar

If Drupal's administration toolbar is still showing admin menu items to non-admin users, or are still displayed even if these non-admin users do not have the permissions to such administrative tasks, this article shows how to troubleshoot the issue.

Drupal 8 and 7 Views: How to exclude current page (by ID) from a views listing or display

Drupal Views, exlude current node or group item from views result list

Views is a powerful module used in Drupal. It enables displaying content in all sorts of ways and flexible manners. Normally, you would fetch a listing or a display of contents with certain requirements, with each listed item clickable and linked to its inner page of that content. Even within the inner pages, you would normally include the same results list somewhere for easy reference, for instance as a sidebar block.

Drupal 8 - How to display the First and Last Name or any custom fields as title of page

Output as fields on twig

Using below references, managed to output combined custom fields - first name and last name fields in user.html.twig template, without using hook alters or overwriting the user page template file:

How to hide/remove tabs from the user, account or profile page

Drupal user account page and user profile

In Drupal, the user page is by default templated and composed depending on whatever module has been installed and enabled to show in the user page. With Drupal, there are always many flexible ways to do stuff and achieve what you need. While there was a module, Tab Tamer, for Drupal 7 specifically for customizing the tabs on the user profile page, with Drupal 8 onwards, to date, you may need to remove or hide these tabs thru any of the following:  

Drupal Contact module menu and form not visible

Drupal Contact menu missing from main menu navigation

If you are using Drupal's core Contact module and yet the form is not showing up from the menu, check on the following:

Drupal 8 and 9: Common issues with Masonry module and solutions

Drupal Masonry module issues and errors

Masonry image effect not working, images placed vertically on top of one another

  • If on views, try to disable the Views Row Classes by going to disabling it under your Views display > Format > Masonry > Settings, then uncheck/unselect the "add views row classes"
  • Check the required Masonry libraries are installed and placed correctly, see the project page documentation and follow the exact installation of the libraries

Masonry images overlap on responsive and mobile views

PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ''< /ul>'' (T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING) in /modules/php/php.module(80) : eval()'d code on line 4

PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected

Encountered numerous PHP syntax errors in Drupal 7 while checking the error log file:

Drupal 8 Paragraph module error - This entity (paragraph: 309) cannot be referenced.

Drupal 8 Paragraph module error - This entity (paragraph: 309) cannot be referenced.

When saving a content type with paragraphs block used, produces an error - This entity (paragraph: xxx) cannot be referenced.


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