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List of Drupal modules to insert scripts (head or footer) in your Drupal website

Why use a Drupal module to insert scripts In Drupal website development and design, you can easily use modules to insert scripts to render in HTML...

How to add social media sharing widget in Drupal 9, 10

Adding social media sharing widgets to a Drupal 9 or 10 website can enhance its engagement and visibility across different platforms. There are...

What to do? Facebook Chat Messenger plugin is going away soon on May 9, 2024

Recently, Facebook has been announcing thru the Facebook Meta console that: “Chat Plugin is going away soon On May 9, 2024, you will no longer...

Where and how to find your Facebook Page ID

How to find your Facebook Page ID Finding a Facebook Page ID can be done easily through a few steps: Go to the Page: Navigate to the Facebook Page for...

Drupal 10, 9, 8, 7 Views – how to add numerical field values to display an output with a sum total

Create a new field-based view sorted by Unsorted (i.e. NO SORT) to which you’ll add a block display (no need for a page display here). Add the...

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