How to add Captcha to Webform contact forms

CAPTCHA for Drupal Webform contact forms

To add CAPTCHA to forms using the Webform module, for example contact forms:

Drupal Webform: How to enable sending and receiving full HTML mail messages in Webform

If for some reason, sending messages thru Webforms for example Contact Us forms does not yield a message in HTML format but in simple text format only, the following modules may be useful:


Lets you theme your messages the same way you theme the rest of your website.


Mime Mail

It permits users to receive HTML email and can be used by other modules. The mail functionality accepts an HTML message body, mime-endcodes it and sends it.

Drupal 7: How to insert or embed a webform and block into a node or content type

How to insert or embed a webform as a field display or block into a node or content type in Drupal 7

To insert or embed a webform, whether as a block, field display or another webform node in any content item node without any coding, any of the following options can work:

How to insert and attach a webform per content item or node in Drupal 7

Attach a webform inside or per node content item in Drupal 7

For many instances, you will need to have a unique form for each of your webpage. For instance, a product page with an inquiry message for this item. You will find that the usual webform setup will not be ideal for such since a webform can only be used globally and not specific per node. As such, enabling Webform functionality per content type does not seem a straight forward solution either. Before trying to create a custom module or functions, try solution provided by the Webform Default Fields.

Drupal 7 Webform pop-up window error: "Access denied you are not authorized to access this page" despite correct permissions and roles

On Drupal 7, a clickable link to popup a Webform window is impelemented; link for example is - clicking on link, pop-up works but webform is missing with an error "You are not authorized to access this page". Double checked all permissions and roles and everything is correct.

Drupal webform access error

Drupal 7: How to add custom CSS class to Field Label or Field title

Default Drupal Fields

While it is easy to assign CSS classes to fields in general both field label and value when using Views and when using useful Drupal modules such as the Field Formatter Class module, it is sometimes tricky to insert your custom CSS class to the field label itself.

A quick workaround is to assign a custom CSS class using the field labels value + the field label name. For example to asssign a class to the label of the field - Company Website, you will need to add a class like below: 

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