Drupal 8 - How to display the First and Last Name or any custom fields as title of page

Output as fields on twig

Using below references, managed to output combined custom fields - first name and last name fields in user.html.twig template, without using hook alters or overwriting the user page template file:

How to hide/remove tabs from the user, account or profile page

Drupal user account page and user profile

In Drupal, the user page is by default templated and composed depending on whatever module has been installed and enabled to show in the user page. With Drupal, there are always many flexible ways to do stuff and achieve what you need. While there was a module, Tab Tamer, for Drupal 7 specifically for customizing the tabs on the user profile page, with Drupal 8 onwards, to date, you may need to remove or hide these tabs thru any of the following:  

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