Drupal - Use tokens to display, combine or output other field values in a field

The output a certain field display by using other field values thru the use of tokens, the following modules may be useful. Each differs on the usage, applications and the kind of display and output.

Field Token Value

Available for Drupal 8

Enables to use tokens as field default values.


Field Default Token

Provides a field allowing the value to be set using a string containing tokens.

Drupal 7: How to print content but hide certain fields in TPL template files

Normally, templates come in default by printing all content fields by:

<?php print render($content); ?>

But if for some reason, you wish to display everything, yet you need to exclude or omit certain field values from displaying, you may want to use:



print render($content);


In above example this will output everything by default, yet hide the image of the node.

How to print custom user field (from user content type) to your node template or tpl file

Original post here https://www.drupal.org/node/1170380#comment-5996382

For author profile info on the node:

Drupal: Override display output of taxonomy term page (or per vocabulary)

If for some reason you do not need or want to use Views in generating custom output of a taxonomy term pages or listings, use template overwriting or overrides. Copy page.tpl.php into your theme folder and rename it page--taxonomy.tpl.php. Proceed customizing template page as needed, ensuring you clear browser and flushing registry cache.

Example below is how to disable node title of taxonomy term which is a duplicate of a preferred custom title, image and text entered in the term description field.

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