How to Subtheme, clone or duplicate an existing, base or parent theme for Joomla version 3

  1. Go to Extensions > Templates > Templates
    Sub-theming Joomla template
  2. Select default or parent template, then click on Copy Template
    Sub-theme or clone a Joomla template version 3
  3. Copy the default en-GB.tpl.ini file, normally en-GB.tpl_templatename.ini

Chronoforms v5 on Joomla sending as emails and form submissions as Root User on localhost

In using Chronoforms version 5 on Joomla version 3.6 you encounter an issue where all emails and forms are being sent as Root User localhost, you may need to check on the following:

Joomla global configuration server e-mail settings

  1. Go to mail settings under Global Configuration > Server > Mail Settings
  2. Check that the email field has a valid system email address entered, one that will serve as your website system email for all notifications, alerts and mails.
  3. Enter also a proper sender name, ex: your company or website name
  4. Click on Send Test Mail
  5. Ensure you are receiving this test mail before proceeding to Chronoform troubleshooting. If not received, normally your webhosting provider or developer can assist you with fixing this.
    Joomla global configuration on server email settings

Choronoform issue, unable to edit form constantly loading only, after upgrading to Joomla 3.5.1

After upgrading Joomla to version 3.5.1, forms on Chronoform5 became uneditable. Clicking on every form only shows the loading page without rendering the edit mode.

Joomla login error to offline website for Registered users: cannot access the private section of this site

If logging in to your offline Joomla website as Registered users and you encounter the log-in error: "cannot access the private section of this site", you may try the following fixes:

How to customize and override Joomla ISIS and Hathor backend administrator templates

Sometimes you may want or need to change the style and design look of the backend admin template, the look when logged-in administrators see when they are in the /administrator backend area. By default, Joomla loads the Isis and makes available another option, Hathor, administration templates.

Joomla 3: Unpublished COM_WEBLINKS_1_FILTER_LABEL appearing on Weblinks Component page / Menu section

UnpublishedCOM_WEBLINKS_1_FILTER_LABEL error appearing on a Weblinks Component page or menu section

Appearing UnpublishedCOM_WEBLINKS_1_FILTER_LABEL on some Helix framework generated templates, Joomla 3, I noticed this error when weblinks filter is enabled on a menu item on a Weblinks component menu type. Example of seen issue on below screenshot:

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