Drupal 8 - How to display the First and Last Name or any custom fields as title of page

Output as fields on twig

Using below references, managed to output combined custom fields - first name and last name fields in user.html.twig template, without using hook alters or overwriting the user page template file:

Drupal - Use tokens to display, combine or output other field values in a field

The output a certain field display by using other field values thru the use of tokens, the following modules may be useful. Each differs on the usage, applications and the kind of display and output.

Field Token Value

Available for Drupal 8

Enables to use tokens as field default values.


Field Default Token

Provides a field allowing the value to be set using a string containing tokens.

Google map display, view or block using address or location from Taxonomy Terms

Use Taxonomy Term Google Maps module to get a Google Map from fields using Taxonomy Terms. It simply provides an option to select the terms defined under each vocabulary. This just uses Google APIs. The APIs return the geometry.location of term title and marking its position on Google map

Scenario / Useful if you have:

Drupal 7: How to add custom CSS class to Field Label or Field title

Default Drupal Fields

While it is easy to assign CSS classes to fields in general both field label and value when using Views and when using useful Drupal modules such as the Field Formatter Class module, it is sometimes tricky to insert your custom CSS class to the field label itself.

A quick workaround is to assign a custom CSS class using the field labels value + the field label name. For example to asssign a class to the label of the field - Company Website, you will need to add a class like below: 

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Single donation

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