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How to install Drupal 10 for beginners

Download and install Drupal using installer download the latest version of Drupal 10 installer from upload to your server, or place in...

Drush errors in Drupal 9, 10 – Currently using Missing or invalid module Array, In UpdateDBCommands.php line 55

Drupal 9 or 10 errors after running update.php , or  drush updb in Drush: Array to string conversion UpdateDBCommands.php:675 (Currently using...

How to add Facebook Messenger Chat widget to website manually, without CMS plugins or add-ons

Facebook documentation on adding the FB Chat plugin to your website seems outdated, at best vague, confusing and incomplete, with missing instructions...

CSS: how to create a mobile images full display size, centered and responsive, on mobile

To create a responsive image displays that can cover large portion of your mobile display while retaining the centering and responsiveness for both...

Drupal: count clicks (statistics) on links

Possible solutions to get statistics, counts on links clicked from your Drupal website: Link Click Count module – The Link Click Count module...

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