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How to turn-off disable (or turn on and enable) Drupal maintenance mode and status by settings.PHP file without Drush

Without Drush support or access, how do you turn-off or disable (and vice-versa, to turn on and enable) Drupal 7 maintenance mode in settings.PHP...

How to migrate, move and transfer Magento from one server to another, or from local development to production server

Back up the files in the test server. Simply duplicate or clone the folder and files (copy and paste to a secure location), and export a backup of...

Webform Primer for Drupal 7

How to disable/hide webform display in content type nodes for example in basic page node or article node? Not sure if possible, consider Rabbit Hole...

My Favorite and Best Drupal 7 Modules

Here are some of my top-most favorite and most used Drupal 7 modules! and some reasons why I just love them! Administration Menu (admin_menu) Admin...

How to point or redirect multiple domains from a separate registrar to your webhosting account

Senario: You have a webhosting account and able to create sub-accounts for example thru WHM. Due to unsupported TLDs from your current webhosting, you...

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