How to insert and attach a webform per content item or node in Drupal 7

Attach a webform inside or per node content item in Drupal 7

For many instances, you will need to have a unique form for each of your webpage. For instance, a product page with an inquiry message for this item. You will find that the usual webform setup will not be ideal for such since a webform can only be used globally and not specific per node. As such, enabling Webform functionality per content type does not seem a straight forward solution either. Before trying to create a custom module or functions, try solution provided by the Webform Default Fields.

How to Subtheme, clone or duplicate an existing, base or parent theme for Joomla version 3

  1. Go to Extensions > Templates > Templates
    Sub-theming Joomla template
  2. Select default or parent template, then click on Copy Template
    Sub-theme or clone a Joomla template version 3
  3. Copy the default en-GB.tpl.ini file, normally en-GB.tpl_templatename.ini

How to best display Commerce Products to fetch and filter selectively Content, Commerce Products, and Taxonomy Term rendered entities and fields in Drupal 7

In Drupal 7, the challenge in display custom views when working with Drupal Commerce is that the Commerce fields by default are programatically separated and distinct from content fields and entities of your usual Drupal content types - including for instance the Product Display content type. In this example, we have a Content Type > Product Display, with referenced Commerce Product fields. Needless to say each has its own set of fields, normally the Commerce fields are rendered inside your Product Display, as the common and preferred setup for D7.

How to print product field in Drupal 7 template (TPL file) in Drupal Commerce

Normally, in printing fields in Drupal 7 for the usual nodes, we use:

<?php print render($content['field_phone']); ?>

Now, we have a rather similar but different format for Drupal Commerce products display. You may use below "Commerce" equivalent of what is normally done for the usual Drupal nodes. This is assuming you want a field item within your product nodes printed or displayed on your template or TPL file:

How to remove extra line breaks <br /> spacing using CSS

For some reason, you get multiple line breaks generated and causing extra, hug gaps, consider using CSS to remove these:

br:nth-child(3n + 3) {
    display: none;

How to hide Drupal 7 Commerce Add to Cart functionality without hacking on the code or template overrides and theme hooks

Product Display > Manage Display 

  1. Go to the Product Display (node) Display Settings
  2. Identify which Display View you want the add to cart feature disabled
  3. Assuming "Product" is the referenced field, hide the Product reference field and hide any of the injected product attribute fields that you wouldn't want displayed. Switch from "Add to Cart" to "Hiden"

Drupal 7 slideshow gallery per node page with thumbnails optional

How to create a slideshow gallery per node or page content

Option 1: Field Slideshow and Field Collection modules

Provides a Slideshow formatter for Image fields, using JQuery Cycle plugin.Compared to Views slideshows, building the slideshow from multiple nodes, this module builds it from a single node, with a multi-valued Image/Media/Field Collection field.

Drupal modules for responsive mobile-device friendly tables

Here is a list of those oftentimes necessary table modules for Drupal that works for views (list to date).

Simple Responsive Table

Foo Table

Zurb Responsive Tables

Responsive Tables

Drupal 7 error on PHP 7: Fatal error: Only variables can be passed by reference in C:\xampp\htdocs\xxx\sites\all\modules\commerce\modules\cart\commerce_cart.module on line 1344

A common error on Drupal 7 running on PHP 7: Fatal error: Only variables can be passed by reference in C:\xampp\htdocs\xxx\sites\all\modules\commerce\modules\cart\commerce_cart.module on line 1344


How to install Owl Carousel module in Drupal 7


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