Use Taxonomy Term Google Maps module to get a Google Map from fields using Taxonomy Terms. It simply provides an option to select the terms defined under each vocabulary. This just uses Google APIs. The APIs return the geometry.location of term title and marking its position on Google map

Scenario / Useful if you have:

  • Content Type with a location or address field
  • Location field using terms from a taxonomy
  • Terms are custom listing from a standard country listing, with added hierarchical terms for targeted cities down to states, municipalities, etc. Manage display uses simple hierarchical select (SHS module)

Some options:

Simple Google Maps

While this seems very workable and easy to use, this is not workable as it seems to work only for the text field and not our location field stored as taxonomy terms.

Taxonomy Term Google Maps

This module is very useful if you have to connect Google maps to the existing terms. There is no need to edit terms. Just select the terms listed under each vocabulary from Taxonomy Term Google Maps module configuration page.

Perfect! As this allows making use of taxonomy terms selected in the field of your Content Type.

How to use Taxonomy Term Google Maps

  1. Install and enable module
  2. Go Configuration, Web Services, Taxonomy Term Google Maps
  3. Google Map Settings - to set width and height of map view and option to open or view map link to larger map
  4. Select which term to use with the module, select parent or depth of the term
  5. Now go to block administration page and assign "Term Google map" to the region where you want to display the map. If for some reasons, Google Map block is not displaying, check whether your theme is customized and may need to include the block region in your template (TPL) file
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