In Drupal 7 running UberCart (E-Commerce) module, encountered a Fatal error Call to undefined function dpm

While the error may be a valid presentation of something wrong somewhere, a quick fix is to hide or disable the error, if this is acceptable. On lines 9-10 of the file sites\all\modules\ecommerce\ec_store\ec_store.tokens, comment out the following:
(NOTE, to date this is for Drupal 7.50, e-Commerce Version: 7.x-4.7-beta1, and Ubercart Version: 7.x-3.10)

function ec_store_token_info() {

Since, this is currently on an array, you need to delete or comment out the closing bracket ( } ) on line 124


Alternately, you may need to enable the Devel module to fix this.

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