On Drupal 7, a clickable link to popup a Webform window is impelemented; link for example is - http://www.website.com/webform-sample-original-url?width=700&height=500.... clicking on link, pop-up works but webform is missing with an error "You are not authorized to access this page". Double checked all permissions and roles and everything is correct.

Drupal webform access error

Checked (and compared) webforms, and found there is a redirect URL found for the webform concerned. Redirected URL was due to Redirect module implementation. 

Drupal webform access error auto redirect URL


Therefore to avoid confusion in the future, deleted the redirected URL, then disabled the Redirect module. Suggest to enable once website is ready after all testing is done and ready for deployment.


And updated the webform popup link from original URL:


to the new, current redirected URL used:



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