Drupal 7 Webform pop-up window error: "Access denied you are not authorized to access this page" despite correct permissions and roles

On Drupal 7, a clickable link to popup a Webform window is impelemented; link for example is - http://www.website.com/webform-sample-original-url?width=700&height=500.... clicking on link, pop-up works but webform is missing with an error "You are not authorized to access this page". Double checked all permissions and roles and everything is correct.

Drupal webform access error

Drupal 7: How to add custom CSS class to Field Label or Field title

Default Drupal Fields

While it is easy to assign CSS classes to fields in general both field label and value when using Views and when using useful Drupal modules such as the Field Formatter Class module, it is sometimes tricky to insert your custom CSS class to the field label itself.

A quick workaround is to assign a custom CSS class using the field labels value + the field label name. For example to asssign a class to the label of the field - Company Website, you will need to add a class like below: 

[FIX] Drupal Fatal error Call to undefined function dpm in Ubercart (E-Commerce)

In Drupal 7 running UberCart (E-Commerce) module, encountered a Fatal error Call to undefined function dpm

[Fixed] Drupal 7.5 User warning: The following module is missing from the file system: media_wysiwyg_view_mode

On a Drupal version 7.5x, error suddenly appears: User warning: The following module is missing from the file system: media_wysiwyg_view_mode

It seems the previous version of Media apparently caused the error of the sub-module going "missing". Updating Media module from previous to latest fixed the issue.

Previous version

Chronoforms v5 on Joomla sending as emails and form submissions as Root User on localhost

In using Chronoforms version 5 on Joomla version 3.6 you encounter an issue where all emails and forms are being sent as Root User localhost, you may need to check on the following:

Joomla global configuration server e-mail settings

  1. Go to mail settings under Global Configuration > Server > Mail Settings
  2. Check that the email field has a valid system email address entered, one that will serve as your website system email for all notifications, alerts and mails.
  3. Enter also a proper sender name, ex: your company or website name
  4. Click on Send Test Mail
  5. Ensure you are receiving this test mail before proceeding to Chronoform troubleshooting. If not received, normally your webhosting provider or developer can assist you with fixing this.
    Joomla global configuration on server email settings

Case insensitive not working in Drupal 7's Combined Fields exposed filter

The exposed filter for combined fileds in Drupal 7 seems to work only when entering the exact casing of the search term or phrase used.  

Seems a patch is required for this:

  1. In your Views, Views Handler Filter Combine - /views/handlers/views_handler_filter_combine.inc, find and change the line below (- indicates the original code line, + replacement code of line)

    -$expression = "CONCAT_WS(' ', $expression)";
    +$expression = "CONVERT(CONCAT_WS(' ', $expression) USING utf8)";

[SOLVED] WordPress Yoast SEO XML Sitemap Page Not found error

Page Not found error or sitemap missing

  • You have installed Yoast, the best SEO plugin for WordPress
  • You have Enabled it from the backend
  • Yet, when clicking on the "You can find your XML Sitemap here" or by going to www.yourwebsite.com/sitemap_index.xml , a Page not found error is displayed.

Page not foun using WordPress Yoast SEO xml sitemap

Organic Groups exposed filter error "An illegal choice has been detected. Please contact the site administrator." and choice defaults to an item, not ANY

Case: Drupal 7 installed, with Organic Groups 7.x setup. In Views, added an exposed filter for a particular field (that will filter from a Content Type that is set up as both a Group and a Group content in OG).

Exposed filter setup: Single filter, NOT required, Select all, NOT limited to selected items


Choronoform issue, unable to edit form constantly loading only, after upgrading to Joomla 3.5.1

After upgrading Joomla to version 3.5.1, forms on Chronoform5 became uneditable. Clicking on every form only shows the loading page without rendering the edit mode.

Views Customize field HTML and Rewrite results UI broken using JQuery, options and selection cannot be enabled, not working


When clicking on the options Style Settings > Customize filed HTML and Rewrite Results > Rewrite the output of this field, option is not displaying or expanded


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