While most content display modules are definitely useful for customizing your node and content displays, with or without Views integration, sometimes a more straight-forward method is to use the second option especially if you are using a Bootstrap-driven theme and coding, and customizing your template (TPL) files is not an option.

Useful Drupal 7 Content Display modules

Modules that are helpful, but might be challenging and complex to set-up for the uninitiated:

If for some reason, sending messages thru Webforms for example Contact Us forms does not yield a message in HTML format but in simple text format only, the following modules may be useful:


Lets you theme your messages the same way you theme the rest of your website.


Mime Mail

It permits users to receive HTML email and can be used by other modules. The mail functionality accepts an HTML message body, mime-endcodes it and sends it.

Scenario: You have a Views page or block that needs to display contents which are grouped or categorized/classified by a taxonomy term. In my case I have a list of contents (content type sponsors) that needs to be grouped and displayed in this order: Major Sponsors, Partners, Sponsors. For example in above screenshot.

Here is a list of those oftentimes necessary table modules for Drupal that works for views (list to date).

Simple Responsive Table


Foo Table


Zurb Responsive Tables


Responsive Tables

Case: Drupal 7 installed, with Organic Groups 7.x setup. In Views, added an exposed filter for a particular field (that will filter from a Content Type that is set up as both a Group and a Group content in OG).

Exposed filter setup: Single filter, NOT required, Select all, NOT limited to selected items


During installation of a project theme kickstarter for Drupal 7, encountered an installation pre-check error below:

Requirements problem:

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