Here is a list of those oftentimes necessary table modules for Drupal that works for views (list to date).

Simple Responsive Table


Foo Table


Zurb Responsive Tables


Responsive Tables

Case: Drupal 7 installed, with Organic Groups 7.x setup. In Views, added an exposed filter for a particular field (that will filter from a Content Type that is set up as both a Group and a Group content in OG).

Exposed filter setup: Single filter, NOT required, Select all, NOT limited to selected items


During installation of a project theme kickstarter for Drupal 7, encountered an installation pre-check error below:

Requirements problem:

Unicode library    Error
Multibyte string input conversion in PHP is active and must be disabled. Check the php.ini mbstring.http_input setting. Please refer to the PHP mbstring documentation for more information.

Sometimes you have links to downloadable files and attachments displayed, and besides making that field a clickable link to the actual files for downloads you may also want to display the following file information alongside the link:

  • File Size
  • File Type

To do that using Views, you will need to be able to use and insert the relevant fields. These fields are available in as File Usage.

Notice: Undefined index: admin/content/file in media_browser_plus_menu_alter() (line 88 of ..\sites\all\modules\media_browser_plus\media_browser_plus.module).

In my one of my Content Type, I have used File Field Sources and set an Image field to work as to insert Images thru:

  • uploading
  • browsing server and
  • attaching file from server (last two thru IMCE file browsing)
  • enabled IMCE file browsing settings permissions

However, when I go to the content and try to upload an image via file browsing and selecting existing image from server, it does not seem to work (being able to browse server files via IMCE file browser, but inserting selected image does not work or load):

Fix / What works