Drupal 7: How to insert or embed a webform and block into a node or content type

How to insert or embed a webform as a field display or block into a node or content type in Drupal 7

To insert or embed a webform, whether as a block, field display or another webform node in any content item node without any coding, any of the following options can work:

Media modules Fatal error: Call to undefined function media_include_browser_js() in

As of Drupal Media module version 2 and 3, there are a lot of modules, contributed or custom which have yet to upgrade its code to complement with Media's major overhaul. Notably, this error I kept encountering with Drupal 7 projects:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function media_include_browser_js() in

To troubleshoot and fix this:

Google map display, view or block using address or location from Taxonomy Terms

Use Taxonomy Term Google Maps module to get a Google Map from fields using Taxonomy Terms. It simply provides an option to select the terms defined under each vocabulary. This just uses Google APIs. The APIs return the geometry.location of term title and marking its position on Google map

Scenario / Useful if you have:

Responsive Grid Modules for Views in Drupal 7: Best Modules and How to Use

There are a lot of grid modules for Views in Drupal 7. Below are some of the views grid modules for Drupal 7 that works well out of the box, at with some configurations as required. Listed are some some challenges and best features for the following grid modules:

Taxonomy term (Content), without additional contextual filters and relationships, the View does not seem to output or work properly when using default formats

Use case: 

TVI to use customized View display generated from the Taxonomy term (Content) template


Off the box from the template Taxonomy term (Content), without additional contextual filters and relationships, the View does not seem to output or work properly when using any of the following:

BX Slideshow
Jump menu
Superhero Portfolio

Drupal user login page error and issue redirected to user/login?destination=user

On Drupal 7, you suddenly experience a login user page being redirected to a non-working or blank page at /user/login?destination=user. On below example, you notice the login form will not work as no form fields are being displayed. Even on source code, the same form fields are missing.

Drupal user login error, redirected page

How to insert and attach a webform per content item or node in Drupal 7

Attach a webform inside or per node content item in Drupal 7

For many instances, you will need to have a unique form for each of your webpage. For instance, a product page with an inquiry message for this item. You will find that the usual webform setup will not be ideal for such since a webform can only be used globally and not specific per node. As such, enabling Webform functionality per content type does not seem a straight forward solution either. Before trying to create a custom module or functions, try solution provided by the Webform Default Fields.

How to Subtheme, clone or duplicate an existing, base or parent theme for Joomla version 3

  1. Go to Extensions > Templates > Templates
    Sub-theming Joomla template
  2. Select default or parent template, then click on Copy Template
    Sub-theme or clone a Joomla template version 3
  3. Copy the default en-GB.tpl.ini file, normally en-GB.tpl_templatename.ini

How to best display Commerce Products to fetch and filter selectively Content, Commerce Products, and Taxonomy Term rendered entities and fields in Drupal 7

In Drupal 7, the challenge in display custom views when working with Drupal Commerce is that the Commerce fields by default are programatically separated and distinct from content fields and entities of your usual Drupal content types - including for instance the Product Display content type. In this example, we have a Content Type > Product Display, with referenced Commerce Product fields. Needless to say each has its own set of fields, normally the Commerce fields are rendered inside your Product Display, as the common and preferred setup for D7.

How to print product field in Drupal 7 template (TPL file) in Drupal Commerce

Normally, in printing fields in Drupal 7 for the usual nodes, we use:

<?php print render($content['field_phone']); ?>

Now, we have a rather similar but different format for Drupal Commerce products display. You may use below "Commerce" equivalent of what is normally done for the usual Drupal nodes. This is assuming you want a field item within your product nodes printed or displayed on your template or TPL file:


Recurring donation

Make Donation

  • Other: $

Donate now

Single donation

Make Donation

  • Other: $

Donate now


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